lunedì 27 giugno 2011

Miss Chain my heart pt. 1

This week's interview features a natural blonde (yet peroxide ad honorem) beauty queen: Miss Chain, former leader of the amazing punk rock Italian band The Nasties and currently leading the powerpop sensation Miss Chain and the Broken Heels.

In her restless appetite for music she's also the most popular dj-ette as well as head honcho of a brand new label that's going to rock your world: Way Out There Records.

Way Out There is a record label based between Thiene and Bergamo, Italy. Our name comes from our deep love for folkway lifestyle, small towns, wooden houses, dream-catchers and, of course, fine and spontaneous music!
 Here she talks records, songs, fun & style.

1)   The soundtrack to your best teenage days in 5 songs...

When I was a cute teen I use to listen to these songs on my walkman everyday, everywhere:

1- Teenage kicks – Undertones
2- All kindsa girls – Real kids

3- Wouldn't it be nice – Beach Boys

4- Boombastic - Shaggy

5 – Rockaway Beach - Ramones

2) I was a huge fan of the Nasties. Is the band still on or we shall hope for a reunion? Any funny memories from the Nasties' days you want to share with us?

The Nasties are gone. Actually we always said that the Nasties were never born so that the band could never die. Bullshit. We had too many troubles with male drummers + me and Laura are not very well organized with life. We didnt care that much about promoting and searching for shows. We were just accepting what God was giving us and surfing the wave if there was one. I'm always very surprised when people ask me if there will be a reunion! I didnt know we were so popular! Some months ago I was hangin' out in a bar with my friends and suddenly I heard some teens singing “Bevi lo sperma divino” which was one of our hits! I still dont know if I was glad about it or just really embaressed! Lots of funny memories... all shows were about being drunk, changing lyrics from English to Italian and play as bad as possible... in Boston, in front of a 1000 people, we played with Queers, Meatman and Unnatural Axe and it was a disaster. That was fun.

3) Dear Miss Chain, what are your next plans with the Broken Heels?

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