martedì 20 novembre 2012

A riot under the Christmas tree 2012

domenica 22 luglio 2012

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mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

Mighty Maite!

1) Hi Maite!! Tell us something about your band: Viernes 13

 We started to play 8 years ago. We have 2 demos: "Punk Niñato" & "Neverland" and 2 records: "Esta Noche" and "Rockaway Hits", this one produced by Mass Giorgini. We've played with a lot of international bands, like the Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers or Marky Ramone.

 2) Your favourite hangouts are…
My favorite hangout is to play with my band. It's the funniest thing on earth!!!

3) Your top five style icons, and why
I don't have any style icon, but I love Brigitte Bardot and Debbie Harry.

 4) Your favourite girl bands (or girl-fronted bands)
 Ronettes, Dusty Springfield.

 5) Your favourite teen-movies heroines (if any)
 P.J. Soles

 6) The perfect outfit for playing a gig is...
.My nurse outfit, of course!!!

 7) If you didn’t play in Viernes 13 which band would you like to play in? And why?
 A band with you
and Ili Jean...
because we'd be the sexiest band in the world!!!!!

domenica 15 gennaio 2012


paper dolls