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The Bam Bams started from an idea I had about forming an all girl band. After much criticism about the idea being "gimmicky" I decided to say FUCK IT and bring together other girls who are not only talented musicians but have a love for rock n roll that cannot be rivaled!

The Bam Bams started as a three piece and are now a two piece band. Our third member had a lot going on in her life and decided the best thing to do was take an undecided amount of time off.

Ivy Lopez is the stone cold drummer with a heart of gold. I love the way she plays. Its so amazing during practice because she smiles and dances while she plays! Its amazing! I love this band and hope we can charm the hearts of tons of people around town!!

2) I love your style! Who are YOUR style icons? Pick 3

My three style icons... ooo! I love this interview! I would have to say my first style icon without thinking would be BRIAN JONES. He had an impeccable style sense and I mean do i need to say any more?! My favorite look was the sort of pinstripe outfit he's seen wearing around, I have a vintage pinstripe suit I like to wear when I feel Jonsey <3

My second style icon would have to be (and I hope this counts) EVERY FEMALE CARTOON CHARACTER EVER!! haha! I truly mean it! I think that cartoon characters are drawn with a specific look and personality that has to be translated into the the clothes they wear and their personality. I like Pizazz (of the Misfits), Veronica LODGE (Archies), Alexandra Cabot (Josie!), MINNIE MOUSE! (she was topless and always shows her undies! rrrawr!)

And my third style icon is my niece! Even though she doesn't dress herself always (she's three) she likes wearing crazy stuff! Sometimes she wears her pant son her head... I mean, thats super gutsy!

3) Pick 5 songs for a romantic date, 5 songs for a wild party and 5 songs for a girls night out
a) ROMANTIC SONGS: FRANTIC ROMANTIC: the Scientists (aussie punk!),( IF YOU DONT WANNA FUCK ME BABY) FUCK OFF!: Wayne/Jayne County & the Electric Chairs, I'D LOVE JUST ONCE TO SEE YOU: Beach Boys, SWEET LOVIN': 1910 Fruitgum Company, RULER OF MY HEART: Irma Thomas. I wish I didn't have a limit! 
b)WILD PARTY: HIGHTIME: Zero Boys, EVERY NIGHT: Los Mockers, HARD CANDY COCK: GG Allin (the king), CALLEJON: Davila 666, SCREAMING FIST: Viletones
c)GIRLS NIGHT!!: GIRLS LIKE ME: Nikki and the Corvettes, ITS ALRIGHT: Supercharger, RACE WITH THE DEVIL: as done by Girlschool, C'MON: Hello, CHEWING GUM ROCK: Nicky Bulldog

5) What's your favorite hangout, and why
 My favorite hangout would have to be my room. I NEVER hangout in DC these days. I look for thrills in other cities. When I'm in D.C. i hang out in my room with my records, comics, movies, cartoons and pets. My life may seem boring to other people but that's only because they are boring people! haha. No i really do enjoy catching up with reading and making art and writing music... my room is the only place where it feel natural to do that


5) What's your favourite teen movie and why

my favorite teen movie right now would have to be BETTER OFF DEAD. Because I am a girl who falls in love so easily and can totally relate to the two characters in that movie: LANE AND MONIQUE. They are portrayed as two teenagers chasing love that at times seems unattainable. Then they find each other only to find out they like each other more than they knew and happily ever after they roam in a world filled with love!!! haha I guess the suicide thing isn't something I share in common with Lane but its the humor that gets me and the fact that BOOGER is in the movie too!  I also love this movie so much because its got two dancing hamburgers... THEY'RE IN LOVE TOO!!!! AND I love this movie because I NEVER TAKE MY SOCKS OFF and Lane even goes to the shower with them on... its amazing. truly.

6) 5 websites you couldn't live without
Five websites? oh man! hmmm. I guess if Google counts? hah! Only because i like looking stuff up, you know, immediate information at your fingertips is exciting right?! I couldn't live without BIG CARTOON DATABASE! thats my fave site. other than that? my gmail account. that's probably it. I wouldn't be devastated (like most people) if Facebook were gone or twitter etc. People are too immersed in the faux reality of how they portray themselves online. PEOPLE AREN"T WHO THEY SEEM. I'd much rather be a friend of yours in REAL LIFE than pretend we're friends on the computer ya know?

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  1. Cool thing!!!! Thanks Patty for introducing such cute earthlings...

  2. Che gruppo ganzo, molto "a la Princesa". Ci sono inciampata oggi per caso su myspace, ma mi ricordavo che ne avevi fatto un post qui te tempo fa!