giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

Willow vs. Lourdes: the clash of the mutants

The diva's spawn is doomed to be cool! Ask Willow Smith, 10, the "new young Michael Jackson" who's outcooling Little Lola Ciccone in the mined field of style! This scary-stylish little girl loves leopard print and chains at least as much as we do, not to mention music and giant headphones!!!! The icing on the cake?? SHE SINGS and "whips her hair back and forth"

Lourdes doesn't sing but debuts as a designer in her teens with the coveted "Material Girl" collection for Macy's NYC, modeled by the unbearably "emo" Taylor "Gossip Girl" Momsen in a triumph of fishnet and crosses...and SHE BLOGS in addition to being a style icon in her own right.

The clash of the mutants is officially on...only one will survive...

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